The Training Position

As from 1st April 2013, the Lapco programme will not be funded by the Department of Health National Cancer Action Team.

If further training is required by our registered trainees then this needs to be arranged and funded between the trainees trust, and the trainers trust. There are a total of 67 appointed NTP Trainers from 37 Hospital Trusts in England (see list below). The Lapco programme established a unitised set rate of £800.00 per half day theatre training session for both in reach (at the trainers hospital to cover extended theatre time for the training session), and also for outreach sessions (at the trainees hospital to cover the backfill session for the trainers trust and travel costs).

Trainees are able to submit their DVDs to Imperial College, London for the sign off assessment up to February 2014, and again although previously funded, this cost will now need to be covered by trainees for their submission assessment at a sum of £450.00. Full details in respect of the sign off process can be viewed within the sign off procedure section of the web site at

We have listed below in alphabetical first name order the 67 appointed NTP Consultant trainers, their contact details, and where applicable training centre manager contact details are provided on their correlating training centre page as referenced below: 

  Name of Trainer                          Registered Training Centre             
  Adam Widdison South West
  Alan Horgan Newcastle
  Amir Darakhshan KGST
  Amjad Parvaiz Portsmouth
  Andrew Miller Nottingham
  Anjana Singh Colchester
  Arcot Venkat Basingstoke
  Arif Khan  North West
   Asif Haq  KGST
   Austin Acheson  Nottingham
   Ben Box  Newcastle
   Charles Maxwell Armstrong  Nottingham
   Chris Cunningham  Oxford
   David Edwards  Basinsgstoke/Frimley Park
   David Watson  North West
   Dominic Slade  North West
   Greg Wynn  Colchester
   Henry Dowson  Basinsgstoke/Frimley Park
   Henry Tilney  Basinsgstoke/Frimley Park
   Hugh Gallagher  Newcastle
   Ian Jenkins  St Marks
   Iain Lindsey  Oxford
   James Gunn Hull
   Jim Khan  Portsmouth
   John Griffith  Bradford
   John Hartley  Hull
   Jon Hanson  Newcastle
   Jonathan Robinson  Bradford
   Joseph Nunoo Mensa  KGST
   Mark Cartmell  South West
   Mark Coleman  South West
   Mark Gudgeon  Basinsgstoke/Frimley Park
   Mark Katory  Newcastle
   Matthew Clarke  Bradford
   Matthew Tutton  Colchester
   Michael Dworkin  Colchester
   Michael Stellakis  Oxford
   Nader Francis  South West
   Neil Mortensen  Oxford
   Nick Kenefick  South West
   Oliver Jones  Oxford
   Paul Hainsworth  Newcastle
   Ralph Austin  Colchester
   Reza Kalbassi  Newcastle
   Richard Slater  Bradford
   Rob Clarke  Nottingham
   Rob Longman  South West
   Robin Kennedy  St Marks
   Roel Hompes  Oxford
   Roger Motson  Colchester
   Ronan Cahill  Oxford
   Sarah Burton  Basinsgstoke/Frimley Park
   Savvas Papagrigorias  KGST
   Selva Sekar  North West
   Sharmila Gupta  Colchester
   Simon Radley  Nottingham
   Simone Slawik  North West
   Stefan Korsgen  Oxford
   Steve Arnold  Basinsgstoke/Frimley Park
   Steve Mansfield  South West
   Tan Aralamuplam  Colchester
   Tas Qureshi  Portsmouth
   Tim Rockall  Guildford
   Tom Cecil  Basinsgstoke/Frimley Park
   Tony Dixon  South West
   Vivek Datta   KGST
   Zaj Khan  Colchester