Steering Group Meetings

The progress of the National Training Programme is reviewed on a regular basis by the Steering Group committee. The meetings are held on a quarterly basis, in rotation around the network of the 11 training centres in England or in alternative suitable meeting locations as appropriate. 

Minutes from Steering Group Meetings: ALL SG MINUTES

The Steering Group Terms of Reference are as follows: 

■       Agreeing the training methods

Agreeing education materials and the operative techniques to be employed

Agreeing development of course educational material (DVD and written material) with advice from clinical leads

Agreeing design and implementation of a two/three day course for the multi- professional team

Agreeing guidance as to what constitutes mandatory elements of training for  example cadaveric training and what should remain flexible for example the number of operations observed.

Agreeing design and implementation of a multidisciplinary enhanced recovery training programme

Overseeing the design and agree the mechanism to assess surgeons to undertake independent laparoscopic colorectal surgery

Overseeing the progress of the programme to ensure it is delivered on time and within budget.
■       Develop methods to assess ‘Sign Off’ for completion of the National Training Programme, along with a follow up procedure post sign off. 

This Steering Group committee is comprised of representatives from:

Teresa moss

Department of Health National Cancer Action Team
Andy McMeeking


Mark Coleman National Clinical Lead for the NTP
Mark Coleman MD FRCS
Laura Stapleton National Training Programme Manager
Laura Langsford
Clinical Leads from each of the Training Centres:
Alan Hogan Newcastle incorporating Gateshead Colorectal Unit
Alan Horgan, Consultant Surgeon
John Griffith Bradford
John Griffith, Consultant Surgeon
James Gunn Hull
James Gunn, Consultant Surgeon
Charles Maxwell Nottingham
Charles Maxwell Armstrong, Consultant Surgeon


Austin Acheson, Consultant Surgeon

Chris Cunningham Oxford
Chris Cunningham, Consultant Surgeon
Robin Kennedy St Marks
Robin Kennedy, Consultant Surgeon 


Roger Motson, Consultant Surgeon 


Professor Tim Rockall


Vivek Datta Kings College/St Thomas'
Vivek Datta, Consultant Surgeon

Vivek Datta

Amjad Parvaiz, Consultant Surgeon


Tom Cecil Basingstoke/Frimley Park
Tom Cecil, Consultant Surgeon
Nader Francis South West
Nader Francis, Consultant Surgeon
George Hanna Educational Lead
Professor George Hanna
Imperial College, London




North West

David Watson, Consultant Surgeon (Salford Royal)

North West

Selva Sekar, Consultant Surgeon (Christie)

  Other Stakeholders
This includes representatives from Wales (Jared Torkington) and Scotland (Ken Campell) who have attended the Steering Group meetings to monitor the set up and development of the NTP in England, we also welcome attendance from the Chair/Vice Chair of Association of Laparoscopic Surgery GBI (ALSGBI) and Association of Coloproctology GBI (ACPGBI).


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