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Welcome to the Registrar Section

Welcome to the Specialist Registrar Section of the Lapco Web Site which is available for all Colorectal Specialist Registrars in England.

SpR Section of Web Site
This section of the web site has been designed to allow registered users to upload records of their laparoscopic colorectal operative proceedures to a dedicated password protected account. This is done by completion of a Global Assessment Score (GAS) Form which creates a logbook of activity. Both the Specialist Registrars and their Trainers will be required to complete their respective GAS Forms after each training episode which needs to be uploaded to the Lapco web site (


 - Both Specialist Registrars, and Trainers providing training must registrer through the Lapco web site
 - Specialist registrars in colorectal surgery are eligible to be registered as trainees.
 - Specialist Registrars are requested to ensure that their contact details are updated regularly.
 - All Trainers seeking to register are required to be a Fellow or Consultant.
 - Upon registration, each user will be issued a password which is required to gain access to their account.

To upload a GAS form or to review your account go to the ‘login section’ of the Specialist Registrar section of the web site and enter your email address and user password that will be issued by email at registration. 

After each training case you and your trainer are required fill in a short assessment GAS form, there is a form for the Specialist Registrar (Link to SpR Trainee GAS Form) and the Trainer (Link to SpR Trainer GAS Form).  After each case a short discussion between the SpR and the Trainer should take place following the template format of the GAS form before it is completed. Upon completion the form needs to be submitted on line, and it will be added to the individuals account records, an automated 'pending' prompt will appear in an account boc if a session has not ben recorded by either the correlating SpR or Trainer.

The form contains some basic clinical information and an assessment section which has been designed to score components of the proceedure from theatre set up to completion of the proceedure on a grading of assessment from 1 to 6 as follows:

1.Not Performed, step had to be done by Trainer
2.Partly performed, step had to be partly done by Trainer
3.Performed, with substantial verbal support
4.Performed with minor verbal support
5.Competent performance, safe (without guidance)
6.Proficient performance, couldnt do better.

GAS Form
GAS (global assessment score) forms have been successfully implemented for Consultants in the National Training Programme in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery (Lapco). These forms allow monitoring the training progression by measuring the amount of support needed for each task for a laparoscopic colorectal resection. The tool is not designed for competency assessment, i.e. it doesn’t automatically mean that someone is competent if no substantial support is required. However, it gives an impression on the development during training and can highlight problematic areas in the procedure that may require further training and might be a useful framework for you and your trainer to systematically discuss your performance after each case. Furthermore it may also provide valuable documentation of your training for your CV.

The GAS forms are mainly self-explanatory and do not require further instruction on how to use them. The clinical and assessment information you submit may be used for educational research but will be completely de-identified for this purpose. Each form takes approximately 2-4 minutes to complete.

If SpRs wish to submit DVDs for assessment during their training to Imperial College cases can be reviewed, and feedback will be provided on the case.  DVDs need to be accompanied by the trainee GAS form, clearly labelled with the name of the SpR, patient ID, type of operation, and sent to:

Melody Ni 
Surgical Skills Programme
Imperial College London
Academic Surgical Unit
10th Floor, QEQM Building
St Mary’s Hospital
W2 1NY

Competency assessment may be required at the end of training similar to the Lapco programme 'Sign Off' which requires two independently performed colorectal resections (left and right side) recorded on DVD to be sent for independent assessment by two anonomysed reviewers. This service may be shortly available as well for trainees but is currently reserved for NTP Lapco Consultant trainees.

Log Book Review
Your individual account allows you to go back to your logbook and review your past performance. A summary can be printed if you need a copy for your CV which in the near future will be the possibility to plot your individual learning curve and to compare your performance with that of your peers.

Further Information
If you require any further information or wish to raise any queries:
Contact: Laura Langsford, NTP Programme Manager
Telephone: 01752 439845