Post Sign Off

All Consultant trainees who have been successfully completed the sign off assessment have been written to in their sign off letter advising them that they are required to record audit data for a period of 12 months from the date of their sign off letter. This data can be recorded either through the Lapco web site in the Post Sign Off Section where forms are available to be downloaded, or by recorded in an NTP database format as follows:

1.On Line through the Lapco Web Site
Using your existing Lapco password you can access the "Post Sign Off" section of the web site through where there are 2 forms:

i) Form A - To collect NHS numbers for cases which have been submitted to NBOCAP (this will allow Imperial College to search the NBOCAP database)

ii)Form B - A complete data collection form for benign cases or malignant cases NOT submitted to NBOCAP

Alternatively, trainees can submit their audit data in the National Training Programme audit data format which once complete should be submitted to Hugh MacKenzie at Imperial College by email:
Click to download the ‘AUDIT DATA’ template 
The purpose of the collation of this data is to ensure that there is a measure of continued output from delegates who have successfully passed through the programme. The data will be used to review the quality of procedures and monitor outcomes for our delegates for a fixed duration. It is an important part of the programme to ensure that the NTP has not only trained, but can demonstrate that a consistent high quality of surgery has been delivered by our delegates.
This process will be monitored by Imperial College Education team, and you will be contacted at the interval dates outlined above to submit your data.  We would anticipate that the volume of cases over a 12 month period would be between 30-60 cases.
If you have any queries in respect of the post sign off requirements please contact NTP Programme Manager Laura Langsford
01752 439845