Post Sign Off Data Collection

The aim of the National Training Programme (NTP) is to provide safe, high quality laparoscopic colorectal training for colorectal consultants in England. To justify the programmes existence it is imperative to demonstrate it has been successful in achieving this goal. The Audit of the pre-sign off clinical data shows that the training is safe with low complication and conversion rates. However to prove the training has been effective an audit of post sign-off clinical data must be undertaken.

The majority of this clinical data will be collated from the National Bowel Cancer Audit Programme (NBOCAP). However NBOCAP does not routinely collect conversion data and does not include benign cases. In order to obtain complete data for the audit we need to collect this separately. Therefore we require the co-operation of trainees who have been signed-off to provide this data. Upon completion of each case please complete:

FORM A - Conversion Data 

OR FORM B - Benign Cases/Not Submitted to NBOCAP.

The Educational Team at Imperial College will be reviewing this data and can provide presentational reports for the NTP Signed off trainees that supply data for this purpose.

If there are any queries please direct these to:

Hugh Mackenzie
Research Fellow
Imperial College, London

DL: 020 33127639