Programme News

Friday 25th January 2013
The Lapco Programme After 31st March 2013

As from 1st April 2013, the Lapco programme will not be funded by the Department of Health National Cancer Action Team.

Where further training is required by our registered trainees then this needs to be arranged and funded between the trainees trust, and the trainers trust. There are a total of 67 appointed NTP Trainers from 37 Hospital Trusts in England. A full list is provided at  The Lapco programme established a unitised set rate of £800.00 per half day theatre training session for both in reach (at the trainers hospital to cover extended theatre time for the training session), and also for outreach sessions (at the trainees hospital to cover the backfill session for the trainers trust and travel costs).

Trainees will be able to submit their DVDs to Imperial College, London for the sign off assessment up to February 2014, and again although previously funded, this cost will now need to be covered by trainees for their submission assessment at a sum of £450.00. Full details in respect of the sign off process can be viewed within the sign off procedure section of the web site at  Trainees who successfully pass the sign off will still recieve a letter from  Mark Coleman, National Clinical Lead for Peer Review purposes.

The Programme Manager will still be contactable as a point of liason to assist trainees development in conjunction with sign off, and she will be able to support the host centres running Lapco TT Courses, assist with input on masterclasses if centres wish to carry on running these, and ensure that the web site is updated for information and communication. Contact National Programme Manager Laura Langsford on 01752 439845 or