Programme News

Monday 28th November 2011
66th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Coloproctologists, 25th and 26th November 2011.
Photo: JSCP President Professor Kameka to the right of Mark Coleman, Lapco National Clinical Lead.
Mark Coleman, National Clinical Lead for Lapco reports on his invitational visit to present on Lapco at the 66th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Coloproctologists which was held in Tokyo, who comments;
"At the personal invitation of the President, Professor Kameoka, I travelled to Tokyo, Japan, to deliver a 1 hour lecture on the Lapco programme. In typical Japanese fashion, organisation was superb and the levels of respect and politeness unsurpassed. The hotel and conference were located in a hotel just near to central Tokyo, adjacent to the Imperial Palace, the size and grandeur of which make Buckingham Palace look like a 2 bed semi. It took me an hour to run around the moat each morning – perhaps in part a reflection of my running these days!
Most sessions were delivered in Japan but there were some very worthy overseas invited lecturers (apart from your truly of course!). Mike Solomon from Prince Alfred Hospital Sydney gave us a fascinating insight in to pelvic exenteration for advanced malignancy from which there were 2 startling take home messages; 1, they don’t believe in prone APER for most cases and think better access can be obtained to divide the sacrum in lithotomy; 2, they can take the sacrum up to the bottom of S1 and major part of the pubis and ischium and still preserve function such as walking and good long term quality of life. In over 250 cases they had a most impressive R0 resection rate in this most challenging area of colorectal surgery. Some of the wide excisions were literally jaw dropping. Finally, most had primary closure (yes) with acceptable outcomes and gluteal flaps for obese patients. Makes you stop, doesn’t it!? Get Prof. Solomons to Dublin next year, I say.
My own lecture was 1 hour including questions. The session was well attended and the questions reflected a critical understanding of what we are doing with Lapco. The Japanese have a video based summative assessment process like ours but this appears to come at the end of residency/fellowship, i.e. not whilst a staff surgeon (equivalent to consultant). The process has teeth with a pass rate of 35%!
The penetration rate in Japan is around 30%, similar to ours, so all in all it was great to share our experiences."

Mark Coleman
Lapco National Clinical Lead
28th November 2011