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Wednesday 10th August 2011
National Clinical Lead Mark Coleman reports on his presentations at recent International Meetings
Photo: Mark Coleman at Cairns for the Colorectal Tripartite Meeting in July.
NTP National Clinical Lead Mark Coleman has had a busy schedule presenting his Lapco lectures at a range of international meetings, with attendance at further meetings planned for later in 2011/2012.
Report on recent and planned Lapco lectures abroad
Advanced Course in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery, May 25-27th 2011
Department of Surgery, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Ostra, Gothenburg, Sweden
Local organiser Goran Kurlberg
Other Speakers: Chris Cunningham (UK), Hendrik Schimmelpenning (Germany), Andre D’Hoore (Belgium)
After dodging ash clouds from the second Icelandic Volcano I spent a day at this meeting attended by surgeons from Sweden, Norway and Finland. I gave 2 lectures on the ‘Role and Indications for laparoscopic colorectal surgery’ (1hr) and ‘Training in laparoscopic colorectal surgery’ (1hr) which were both well received in terms of the number and range of follow up questions.
I then flew from Gothenburg via Munich to Ancona the next day to a meeting of the Italian Association of Colorectal Surgeons (ACOI, 25-27th May 2011) at Ascoli Piceno, Italy. ACOI is one of the largest surgical societies in Italy. I hosted a one hour closed discussion round table with around a dozen Italian laparoscopic colorectal experts with an interest in training. I then gave a 20 minute lecture to conference chaired by the President of ACOI who is also President of SIC (The other main Italian Surgical Society). The subject of both groups was, of course, Lapco. There was much interest in how the organisation started, the types of training provided, the clinical outcome data and the educational assessment.
A year ago most European surgeons anecdotally were under the impression that the rate of uptake of laparoscopic colorectal surgery in Great Britain was poor with little or no training. I have been quoted the figure of 5% uptake on more than one occasion for the UK. Given we now have a situation where 33% elective resections are now laparoscopic in England (HES data) and have arguably the world’s most substantial consultant training programme, many surgeons in Europe are now showing great interest in the possibilities for a similar system to Lapco in their country.
Having lectured to a diverse audience already of Asia-Pacific surgeons in December 2011, interest in the success of the programme is increasing worldwide.
Tripartite Meeting Cairns , Austrailia 4-7th July 2011
This meeting occurs 3 yearly between the ASCRS (American Colorectal Society), CSSANZ (Colorectal Soc of Australia and New Zealand), The Section of Coloproctology of the RSM and the ACP. I presented an oral paper on behalf of Danilo Miskovic entitled ‘Clinical and Educational Outcomes of the English National Training programme in laparoscopic colorectal surgery’, 2 poster presentations on behalf of Susannah Wyles on the STTAR system and a plenary lecture on ‘Credentialing in laparoscopic surgery’. There was much interested in the transformative nature of the Lapco programme and the possibilities of the Lapco TT course in other countries.
 At all my presentations I continue to personally acknowledge all those involved in the delivery of this successful programme.

Other future Lapco presentation dates:

  • European Colorectal Surgery Meeting, 27-29 November 2011, St Gallen, Switzerland

Other recent Lapco presentations:

  • Congresso Nazionale ACO, Italy, May 2011
  • Asia Pacific Surgical Leaders Symposium, Hong Kong, December 2011

For any further information contact NTP National Clinical Lead Mark Coleman by email