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Wednesday 10th August 2011
Over 1,300 Training Sessions now recorded with LAPCO

Photo: NTP Trainer Austin Acheson (Nottingham) with NTP Trainee Julian Williams who has completed his Lapco training.

As at August 2011, over 1,300 training sessions have now been recorded on line at the Lapco web site The web site went live in April 2009, and the number of GAS forms have increased month on month since it was launched.  A total of 59 trainers are now providing training sessions through our 11 training centres.

NTP Trainer Professor Amjad Parviaz has recorded over 220 GAS forms through his dedicated training activity at Portsmouth, a significant amount of GAS forms have also been recorded by other NTP Trainers including Tony Dixon (84 GAS), John Griffith (83 GAS), Ronan Cahill (68 GAS), Selva Sekar (65 GAS), and Austin Acheson (52 GAS) forms, who are amongst many of our active NTP Trainers.

Our Consultant NTP Trainees also submit an online trainee GAS form after each case  with their own self assessment, which is structured to ensure that it can be discussed with their trainer to provide feedback on their session.  We have recently incorporated the mini STTAR assessment into each trainee GAS form which allow trainees to provide feedback on the delivery of the training session itself.

In March 2011, Lapco set up a dedicated section of the web site to allow SpRs and their Trainers to record GAS forms from their day to day training sessions, following the Lapco format and best practice of training activity. We now have over 100 SpRs registered on thes system, and over 300 GAS forms have been recorded to date.

Further information on the GAS forms and examples of these can be found on the Lapco web site at