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Tuesday 7th June 2011
Lapco TT Course - Bradford June 2011

The fourth Lapco TT was run at Bradford Royal Infirmary on 1st/2nd June 2011, which was hosted by NTP Trainer John Griffith.  The course was lead by NTP Trainer Facilitators Nader Francis and Mark Coleman, along with other Faculty members which included NTP Trainers Ian Jenkins, Tom Cecil, Andy Miller, Amjad Parviaz and Matthew Clarke.

The 2 day course is being rolled out to all the NTP Trainers accross the country, with 31 out of the 59 registered trainers having now participated as a delegate or Faculty member. The course is designed for 6 delegates and the following were NTP Trainer delegates at Bradford:

1.Adam Widdison (South West)
2.Zaj Khan (Colchester)
3.Asif Haq (KGST)
4.Greg Wynn (Colchester)
5.Paul Hainsworth (Newcastle)
6.Rob Longman (South West)

Day 1 was held in the Fieldhouse Education Centre at Bradford BRI and it provided an interactive programme of discursive sessions, along with 2 Faculty role play training sessions, and 4 delegate role play training sessions which were incorporated into the live theatre programme on Day 2.

The course was videoed for the first time to allow the Faculty to reflect upon the course delivery, which will also allow the course to be showcased to the wider colorectal community and presented at pending national and international colorectal meetings.   

The next Lapco TT Course will be taking place at Colchester on 5/6th October 2011.

For further information contact NTP Programme Manager Laura Stapleton 01752 439845,