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Wednesday 16th March 2011
Lapco TT Course - Nottingham March 2011

Photo: Day 1 NTP Trainers Role Play Exercise
NTP Trainer Delegates: Tony Dixon (South West), John Griffith (Bradford) and David Watson (North West)

The third Lapco TT (Train the Laparoscopic Colorectal Trainer) Course was held at Nottingham on 8/9th March 2011. This is a 2 day course which provides an interactive 'dry skills' classroom based Day 1, followed by live theatre on Day 2 as part of a structured programme.

The Faculty include NTP Trainers Mark Coleman, Nader Francis, Tom Cecil, Amjad Parvaiz, Ian Jenkins and Andrew Miller who have been involved with the delivery of three courses over the last 12 months. Support has also been provided by Roland Valori, John Anderson and Siwan Thomas Gibson who lead on the Train the Colonoscopy Trainer (TCT) courses nationally, and their input has been important to establishing the Lapco TT Course programme and delivery.

The Nottingham Lapco TT Course was attended by 8 NTP trainer delegates which included:

1.Tony Dixon (South West)
2.Chris Cunningham (Oxford)
3.David Watson (North West)
4.Selva Sekar (North West)
5.Tan Arulampulam (Colchester)
6.John Griffith (Bradford)
7.Richard Slater (Bradford)
8.Dominic Slade (North West)

The host faculty at Nottingham included NTP Trainers Austin Acheson, and Charles Maxwell Armstrong, who along with their colleagues assisted with the set up, and running of a successful course which is particularly important for the running of live theatre on Day 2 of the course.

Thanks go to all Faculty, Delegates and Host team who contributed to an excellent course. The dates of the next Lapco TT Courses are:

1.1/2nd June 2011, Bradford
2.5/6th October 2011, Colchester

For any NTP Trainers interested in attending as a delegate or an observer, contact should be made with NTP Programme Manager Laura Stapleton on 01752 439845 or