Programme News

Thursday 27th January 2011
NTP Steering Group Meetings
The National Training Programme meet on a quarterly basis to review the progress and activities of Lapco. The meetings are rotated around the country and are generally held at one of our training centres or in conjunction alongside a surgical meeting. We seek to ensure that there is a clinical lead representation from each of our centres at each meeting, which are Chaired by Mark Coleman, National Clinical Lead, and Andy McMeeking, National Cancer Action Team (NCAT).
The first Steering Group meeting this year was held at St Marys Hospital in Portsmouth on Wednesday 26th January 2011. Further Steering Group meetings are scheduled to take place in May (date to be confirmed) to coincide with ASGBI Bournemouth, and Colchester on Monday 5th September 2011.
Photo Shows left to right: Melody Ni (Imperial College), Vivek Datta (KGST), Prof George Hanna (Imperial College), Jim Khan (Portsmouth), Andy McMeeking (NCAT), Roger Motson (Colchester), Austin Acheson (Nottingham), Nader Francis (South West), Tom Cecil (Basingstoke), Mark Coleman (National Clinical Lead), Lorraine Waugh (Newcastle), Selva Sekar (North West), Amjad Parviaz (Portsmouth), Laura Stapleton (NTP Programme Manager), Ian Jenkins (St Marks), Naomi Sheeter (KGST), Susannah Wyles (Imperial College), Savvas Papagrigoriadis (KGST).