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Monday 5th July 2010
NTP Train the LCS Trainer (TT) ? First Course Held at Portsmouth

Following on from the pilot 2 day course in March this year, the first TT course was held in Portsmouth on 9th/10th June. The course is structured with 6 NTP Trainer delegates, along with a faculty of 4 NTP Trainers, and other supporting members.

Day 1: Dry Skills, Classroom Based
The curriculum for the first day was delivered by John Anderson (National Lead for Endoscopy Training) who is assisting Nader Francis (NTP TT Course lead) with the first few courses to establish the course format and approach. The course content involved a day of educational theory and practice, incorporating role play sessions on general tasks, along with abdominal trainers and VR simulators to provide training case scenarios. The course is based on an interactive content with all delegates and faculty members, providing training structure and methods on procedure for pre, during and post training sessions.

Day 2: Live Theatre

The principles of first day of the course were applied into a series of short cases in theatre throughout day 2 through a series of rotations with operating surgeons working with NTP Portsmouth trainees in a trainer role in theatre. The cases were live linked to a seminar room, allowing all delegates and faculty to observe and feedback on the training session itself, which was followed by a de-brief in the seminar room. Surgeons were able to operate in 20-30 minute sessions, before rotations of the next team were able to enter theatre and continue the case.

Overall, this was a successful first 2 day course, and the TT faculty team members look forward to delivering the next course in Autumn 2010, with further dates and locations to follow. The course will be offered to all NTP Trainers who are currently providing, and actively delivering training within the context of the National Training Programme.

For further information contact:
Nader Francis, TT Course Lead