Programme News

Monday 29th March 2010
Trainer records his 100th GAS Form to the National Training Programme

A milestone of training activity has been acheived on the National Training Programme with NTP Trainer Amjad Parvaiz who has now recorded a total of 100 training sessions at Portsmouth.  Amjad has been actively delivering training sessions since the programme began in mid 2008.  He has already had 2 trainees that have completed the 'sign off' including Daniel O Leary and Richard Payne, and there are currently 2 further trainees in the sign off process that have received their training at Portsmouth.

The 100th NTP training case was recorded with Basil Fozard who commenced his training with Amjad Parvaiz at Portsmouth earlier in 2010, and this was his 4th recorded training case. A total of 10 trainees are in training at Portsmouth, and the continued progress of training episodes is a credit to Amjad and his training team.

Well done - onto the next 100 now!
Laura Stapleton, National Programme Manager

Photo: Amjad Parvaiz (left), Portsmouth Training Centre