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Wednesday 18th November 2009
North West Training Centre
The North West training centre represents the newest training centre within the network for the National Training Programme, and it will be able to take on trainees with effect from January 2010. A dedicated launch of the training centre will be taking place at Salford Royal on Friday 8th January 2010, and all prospective trainees and stakeholders are welcome to attend this day and meet with the training and administrative team.  For more information on this event please contact either of the NTP North West Trainers.

There are two separate hospitals that will form the North West Consortium and include Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust lead by Trainer David Watson ( and Mid Cheshire Hospital Foundation NHS Trust lead by Trainer Selva Sekar (

The North West Training Centre is able to provide training sessions which are structured with both ‘in reach’ (training at the trainers hospital) and ‘out reach’ (trainer travelling to the trainees hospital) sessions, and structured training plans will be required to be entered into scheduling these before training commences.  Both the locations which form the North West training centre have the benefit of stack systems with DVD recording media for all training episodes. In addition, Royal Salford has access to the supporting surgical skills training on site at ‘The Mayo Centre’ (reference photo) and Mid Cheshire will offer access to a Laparoscopic Skills Laboratory for use by its trainees.

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For more information on accessing training with the ‘North West’ training centre please contact the trainers as outlined above, or make contact with the Coordination Office of the National Training Programme on 01752 439844.