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Wednesday 8th July 2009
NHS Improvement ? ?Transforming Care for Cancer Patients?

Laura Stapleton, Programme Manager attended theNHS Improvement team launch of their ‘Transforming Care for Cancer Patients’ at their seminar on 7th July in London, and exhibited the Lapco stand within the exhibition area.

The target for the day was clearly presented by Professor Mike Richards, National Cancer Director which is to ‘Save a million bed days’ in relation to cancer patient stay.  In 2007/08 this figure was at 4.8m bed days, which is aimed to be reduced by 1 million, by just under 20%. The approach to ‘Enhanced Recovery’ and spread of best practice across into other cancer treatments clearly forms an important part of achieving this.  Alan Horgan from our Newcastle Training Centre, presented on the role of Enhanced Recovery in relation to Colorectal Surgery, many of the approaches could clearly be seen to be positively replicated across other areas of cancer treatment that were also presented during the day.  Further representation was also provided by Colorectal Consultant Celia Ingham Clark, National Clinical Lead for Transforming In Patient Care.

A key note speaker was Professor Lord Darzi, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health, and by background a laparoscopic colorectal surgeon. The National Training Programme received notable support and reference in his presentation, which underpins the role which laparoscopic surgery has to play in assisting and achieving the NHS Improvement objectives.

The event promoted the identification of 4 key winning principles which we will no doubt be hearing much more about which are summarised as follows:

 1 Assessment prior to admission

Unscheduled emergency patients should be assessed prior to the decision to admit – emergency should be the exception, not the norm.

 2.Defined Inpatient Pathways

All patients should be on an ‘in patient’ pathway.

 3.Daily Decision Making

Clinical decisions should be made on a daily basis – 7 day ward rounds.

 4.Encourage self Management

Put patient and carers back in control of the system, emphasis on ‘at home’ education.

 A good cross section of attendance was had during the day from many of the cancer networks, clinical and managerial representation – a follow up email on Lapco will be sent to all attendees.

All presentations during the day were recorded, for further information: