Lapco Publication Advice

If you are submitting or publishing a paper, poster or presenting on the National Training Programme please can you ensure that the following advice is followed:

1.Refer to us as the "National Training Programme (NTP) for Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery in England"

2.Make reference to the Lapco web site address

3.Use details from the web site to ensure that it is factually correct please see "About the Programme" on the web site, click on the link to and if any further clarification on any specific details are required please contact the NTP Programme Manager.

To use the logos in all formats including presentations and posters:
Correct Lapco logos below: 
Click to view: Lapco Logo
Click to view: Lapco TT Logo

Once your paper/poster/presentation has been accepted please can you ensure that it is emailed to the NTP Programme Manager with the appropriate title, conference details etc so that it can be uploaded to the "NTP Publications" section of the web site.

6. Review of Draft Publications
We are happy to review publications if you wish, there is no need to refer to us as an author, please send any drafts through to Mark Coleman, National Clinical Lead by email to:

Many thanks
Laura Langford
National Programme Manager