Programme Lead Contacts

We have provided below Programme Lead contacts which include the National Clinical Lead, the National Programme Manager, and the Educational Team at Imperial College as follows:

Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman MD FRCS
National Clinical Lead
Tel: 07789873190

Mark Coleman has been a Consultant Surgeon at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth since 2001. He has been performing laparoscopic colorectal surgery since 2002 and was originally trained as a registrar in Wessex and as a laparoscopic fellow in Brisbane, Australia in 1999. He was appointed as an Association of Laparoscopic Surgeons Preceptor in LCS in 2005.

He has been the National Lead Clinician of the Lapco National Training Programme in laparoscopic colorectal surgery since September 2008, which has now become theworld’s largest surgical skills training programme for consultants in the world. He formed the South West Laparoscopic Colorectal Group (SWLC)in 2007 which is an appointed NTPtraining centre which has coordinated training delivery from 7 hospital trusts in the Penisnula area. He has presented extensively on the development and clinical outcomes of the programme atlocal, regional, national andinternational colorectal meetings, and has established strong contacts in many of these countries,in particular with Australia, Japan, and Sweden. He has become a Course Facilitator along with NTPTrainer Nader Francis, for the Lapco TT(Train the Trainer)Courses which are delivered with a team of 4 Faculty members in host locations at Bradford, Colchester and Manchester. Regionally, in the South West he has established an annual "South West Laparoscopic Education Masterclass" which isheld at Derriford Hospital, which attracts leading UKexperts andinternational faculty, along with a wide cross section of surgical delegates.

He was the Colorectal National Advisor to the Department of Health (DH) Enhanced Recovery Partnership Programme from January 2009 until June 2010 and has recently been appointed a National Advisor to the DH National Training Programme for low rectal cancer (LoReC). He is the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) Skills Tutor for Plymouth, Intercollegiate Basic Surgical Skills Course Convenor, and RCS Core Skills in Laparoscopic Surgery Course Convenor. He is RCS (England) Regional Speciality Professional Advisor for GI Surgery for South West England. He is a member of the Peninsula School of Surgery Committee.

He was a medical undergraduate in Leicester, a junior anatomy lecturer at the Charing Cross and Westminster Medical School and a SHO in various hospitals in the south east. He then spent a short period as a surgical registrar at the world famous Groote Schuur Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa in 1993-4, before becoming a surgical registrar on the Wessex ‘Flyer’ rotation from 1995-2001. His research MD in Southampton was on the subject of ‘DNA instability in colorectal cancer’. He also spent a year as a Fellow in the prestigious laparoscopic surgery unit in Brisbane, Australia with George Fielding, Les Nathanson and Nick O’Rourke. As a registrar in Basingstoke he worked for Professor Bill Heald, Brendan Moran and Merv Rees. Through both his registrar and consultant posts he has developed an interest and reputation in surgical skills training both regionally and nationally. In 2010, Mark Coleman launched the charity and is Chair of Bowel Cancer West which is dedicated to supporting research and training into bowel cancer. He is also a clinical adviser to the Board of Directors at Bowel Cancer UK

Laura Langsford National Programme Manager
Tel: 07598 340000

Laura was appointed asNational Programme Manager in April 2009 and is based at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Initially, theresponsbility wasto promote the structure of the programme to Consultants todevelop a critical mass of trainees within in the 11 appointed training centres throughout England. On line clinical recording commenced in 2009 through the Lapco web site at www.lapco.nhs.ukwhich has allowed central measurement of programme activity. This assisted with thedevelopment of establishing a unitised funding training rate per case for training centres, and the incorporation of reporting and funding allocation systems. The role of programme manager hasinvolved liason with trainers, trainees, training centres, finance teams in hospital trusts andindustry.She has reported regularly to the Quarterly National Steering Group meetings on programme activity, published annual Lapco newsletters, organisedNTP live theatre education days extensively throughout the country, along with 9 LapcoTTTrain the Trainer Courses.


George Hanna

Professor George Hanna
Educational Lead
Imperial College

Department of Surgery and Cancer, 10th Floor, QEQMBuilding, St Mary`s Hospital, London, W2 1NY

Professor George Hanna has coordinated the academic output of the programme, his Lapco team have included a research fellow, and an educational manager. From the outset of the programme, clinical safety and patientoutcomeshave been very important aspects of the programme, which also applies to trainees who have been signed off the programme with post sign off data analysis.During the development of the programme, the educational team have reported on key aspects of educational academic output, and developed interlectual property that has been used by the programme. This has included theL-CAT(Colorectal Assessment Tool), CUMSUMLearning Curve Software for assessment of trainee progression, STTARForms (Structured Trainer Trainer Assessment Reports), along with ongoing analysis into the impact of Lapco TT(train the trainer)courses. A summary of papers and publications is available on the Lapco web site.


Dr Melody Ni
Educational Manager
Imperial College

Department of Surgery and Cancer, 10th Floor, QEQMBuilding, St Mary`s Hospital, London, W2 1NY
Tel: 07788 270398

Dr Melody Ni has been involved with the programme since 2009. Her role has been to coordinate the educational output, which has included managing the sign off assessment process which trainees complete at the end of their training. This requires the submission of two unedited DVDs which are anonmysed by the team at Imperial College, distributed to NTPassessors, and an outcome assessment report is produced which is provided to the trainee.There has been a particular emphasis on the importance of the sign off assessment since it became a Peer Review Measure in March 2010. Melody has alsoproducedan extensive study of health economic anaylsis reporting on theeconomic benefit of the Lapco programme.