GAS Forms

Upon completion of each clinical procedure the trainer and trainee are required to complete and upload their own respective Global Assessment Score (GAS) forms through the Lapco web site.  Please note that cases must be recorded by trainees initials and a reference number which must be shared with the trainer, and not Patient ID number otherwise forms will be invalid.
Trainer Section (Form A)
Please see attached example. (Download Form A)
Trainee Section (Form B)
Please see attached example (Download Form B )

Uploading a GAS Form
To upload a GAS form go to the Lapco web site (
Go to the top right hand corner of the home page, click on the Lapco ‘Log Inicon.
Enter your email address and password
Go to ‘Add an Assessment’ which will bring up the form to complete and click on submit when ready.
Please ensure the name of the trainer/trainee is correctly entered as this will automatically create a ‘pending’ record in their respective account for the correlating case.
Your account can be viewed at any time which keeps an on line record of all your assessments.
Sharing a Clinical Session/GAS Form
If a case is shared, both trainees can upload a GAS form as long as both trainees have to be present from start to end and be involved in sections B1-B3 and B10-12 (see GAS form).  In addition, each trainee needs to perform a ‘significant proportion’ of the laparoscopic part ie at least two of the sections B4 to B9 (See GAS form).  Those parts that are not performed by a trainee as primary surgeon will be scored as N/A.
For any further queries on GAS Forms please contact the Coordination Office (