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National Training Programme - Updates

The latest Hospital Episodes Statistics (HES) data shows that laparoscopic colorectal activity in England has now risen to 40% (April to September 2012), which is a world leading figure of implementation, this further supports the work and development of the National Training Programme. This figure has risen from less than 5% in 2005/06 which was starting point before clinical training commenced through Lapco.

Since April 2009, over 1,800 Global Assessment Score (GAS) forms from individual Lapco theatre training sessions for our Consultant trainees have been uploaded to the Lapco web site. A total of 133 Consultants are scheduled to complete their training with Lapco, of this total 47% have already been successfully signed off, and the remainder of trainees are completing their training and submitting their sign off DVDs to Imperial College which are required to be submitted by 28th February 2014.  For further information on the sign off submission process view the instructions on the Sign Off Process section of the web site. 

A 'Post Sign Off' audit is now being managed by the Educational team at Imperial College for Consultants who have been trained through Lapco. In addition, a dedicated sections of the Lapco web site have been designed for Fellows, and SpRs to record their own GAS forms with their trainers.

Lapco have 67 registered trainers in our 11 national training centres coordinated from 37 seperate NHS Trusts in England. There are 200 Consultant trainees and trainers involved with the programme which represents over one third of the total number of Colorectal Consultants in England. The impact of Lapco throughout the 149 Colorectal MDTs in England can now be identified.There are now Lapco trainees in 76 Trusts (51%), and including trainers in trusts with no trainee representation this totals 91 Trusts (61%).

LCS COURSES - We highlight the following, click on the link to view details:
1.  Laparoscopic Colorectal Foundation Course - 3 Modules (Oct/Nov/Dec)
2.  LAPCO TT Course  (Colchester 16th & 17th October) Application Form FULL
3. How to develop your Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery - (St Marks,22nd Oct)
4. LAPCO TT Course  (Manchester, 27th & 28th January 2014) - Application Form  FULL

There are no further Lapco TT Course dates set yet, although it is proposed that these will continue to be run at Bradford, Colchester and Manchester, as soon as dates are available they will be listed in this section of the Lapco web site.

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